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A Mission Driven
Investment Firm

We invest in great founder-owned businesses.

Our mission is to build a family of outstanding companies where people prosper and have great jobs.

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Who We Are

We Believe that founder-owned companies are the lifeblood of our country. This is why we acquire great businesses and help them achieve their fullest potential.

We Partner with owners and management teams who care deeply about their employees. We provide quick & straightforward exits and seek to honor the founders' legacy by protecting the culture for decades to come.

We Invest patient capital and offer insights and resources, complemented by our deep network of relationships to bring companies to the next level.

We Build enduring businesses that stand the test of time, with great reputations and employees that are proud to come to work every day. 

How We’re Different

We aren't your typical business buyer. And that's a great thing.  


- People & culture first *

- Keep & grow management *

- Straightforward sale process *

- Founder legacy preserved *

Traditional Buyers

- Focused on costs & synergies

- Replace management

- Complex process; lots of red tape

- Founder legacy at risk; not a focus

Things You Should Know

We believe that simple is better.

What's our goal? to make the sale & transition process easy and straightforward for business owners. Once we close the transaction, we don’t interfere with operations unless you want us to. Founders can stay or go.

What do we look for? We love profitable, niche businesses that will be critically needed for years to come. We love employee-first cultures, strong management teams and a history of profitability.

What happens to your company's existing employees? If it’s not broken, we don’t fix it. We leave teams in place and stay out of their way. There’s a reason you’re successful and we're not here to interfere. 

How long does our process take? 9 to 12 weeks typically. We work closely with you from start to finish. 

Your Legacy, Secured.

Buy & Grow Responsibly

A truly aligned and patient long-term partner.

People & Culture First

Partnering with management teams to create thriving cultures and enduring businesses.

Seamless Process

Simple, straightforward transactions from start to finish.

Is Your Company a Fit?

- Industries: services or consumer focus

- Situation: founder owned business

- Transaction Type: majority buyout

- A history of profitability

- A c
ommitted, enthusiastic management team 

- Great commercial and community reputation


Let's Start a Conversation

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